India’s new apple juice can be eaten as soon as it is produced

A major boost to India’s apple production is now expected to be available to customers in less than three months.

The government has been aiming to produce 100 million tonnes of the product a year.

In total, it hopes to produce 1.5 billion kilos a year by the end of 2020.

“The Government of India is on track to meet the demand of India’s population by 2022.

In this context, the government has taken the decision to issue a public announcement in the form of a circular,” the Food and Civil Supplies Ministry said in a statement on Thursday.

It is also expected to provide incentives to private producers to make the products available.

“This announcement is to be implemented as soon we have the final products and final regulatory approval, we are also looking at the distribution of the products to our customers.

There are a number of incentives and support mechanisms in place for the private sector,” a spokesperson for the department said.

The announcement comes a day after the government said it would soon issue a circular for all retail outlets to start dispensing the juice.

The circular will include details of the time the products would be available and the price, the statement said.

It comes ahead of the government’s planned nationwide apple juice sale, which is set to take place from November 1 to 17.

“We are making good progress towards our target of delivering 1.1 billion tonnes of apple juice by 2022,” the spokesperson said.

“We are currently finalising our delivery schedule and expect to complete it by mid-December.”

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