Why you should be eating fruits in 2018

The fruits and vegetables we love to eat have been around for quite a while now, and while we’re enjoying a nice, healthy spring, the next few years may bring a new crop.

But, how do you prepare them for the next crop?

The best fruit and vegetable varieties in Canada are here to help.

“We’re seeing an explosion in the variety of fruits and veg,” says Lisa Lefebvre, an assistant professor of marketing at the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management.

“There are now about 100 varieties of fruits, and the varieties are increasing all the time.”

If you’re a fruit-loving human, you’ll want to know what to expect next year.

Fruit varieties in 2018: Grapes: A lot of the new varieties, such as the red, yellow and orange varieties, are being grown to withstand the heat of the summer and to grow bigger fruit.

That means they’ll take longer to ripen and may take longer for them to turn into fruit.

(Garden Fresh Foods) But those are the exceptions, and most fruits and veggies are still going to be grown for the sake of taste.

Vegetables: Many of the varieties of vegetables we like to eat are getting better in terms of nutrition and taste. 

The varieties that are getting the most attention are the red varieties, which are getting more and more resistant to heat and pests.

And some varieties, like the orange variety, will also be able to resist insects that can make them more susceptible to diseases and diseases, such the fungus and viruses.

The orange variety is especially popular with people who like the smell and taste of orange juice, so it has been around a long time.

It’s a great choice for vegetarians.

And the yellow variety is another favourite for people who are looking for a light, fresh vegetable that can be cooked into a meal.

For the most part, these fruits and varieties are grown to resist the heat and disease-causing fungus and bugs.

(CBC)So, where do you start?

Lefemvre recommends you start by planting a few varieties of fruit and veggies in the ground and letting them sit there for about six to eight weeks. 

“Then you can see how they grow and how they’re doing,” she says.

“And you can adjust them to taste and use them as a staple in your diet.”

And then you can start preparing your own food, starting with a fruit salad and some vegetables like lettuce and broccoli.

Lefemve says you can make a fruit and veggie salad at home, but you might need to buy a box of fresh fruit, since most produce is usually frozen.

(Minty)If you are a beginner, Lefevre recommends buying fruit from the garden, where it is in season, and then eating it with some fresh herbs.

“It’s the simplest way to start,” she adds.

“It’s a bit like having a picnic and eating a fruit dish, and it’s good for you, too.”

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