Which is the best fruit bat?

Fruit bats are a small genus of bat native to the tropics of Africa and the Caribbean.

They are found in the forests of Africa, South America and Europe, and in tropical countries, particularly those in the Americas.

In most areas, they are solitary and solitary-like, but they can be social.

They can be found in tropical forests, and they are sometimes found in forests with fruit bats.

In some areas of the Americas, the fruit bats are also known as fruit bat, fruit bat bat, or fruit bat.

They have been found in Central America and the northern United States, and their distribution includes Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Panama, Nicaragua and Honduras.

Fruit bats have a short, thin, reddish-brown tail and a long, wavy, greenish-white tail, which can be up to 4cm (1.5in).

The fruit bat has a dark, dark brown body, a black tail, and yellow eyes.

Fruit bat bats live in small, humid forest habitats, and sometimes they are found feeding on fruits, seeds and fruit bats in the trees.

In tropical regions, fruit bats often feed on small rodents and insects.

Fruit and fruit bat species are widespread in Africa, but the bats are restricted to a few areas in the north of the continent.

The bats are often seen in large numbers, and there is speculation that they may be extinct in some areas.

They live in trees and can range in size from 1.2m (6ft) to 7.6m (23ft to 41ft).

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