New Scientist

3:15 p.m.

EDT (1815 GMT): We can see the bright spots of an aurora borealis at dusk on Thursday, as a group of scientists led by Paul M. Wiles, a professor of astronomy at the University of Arizona, will be observing the northern lights at the International Dark-Sky Association’s Winter Solstice observatory in Wyoming.

The aurora will be visible for at least five minutes at this time of year.

The northern lights are also visible at dusk for several hours in southern Canada and northeastern Mexico, with the best view possible at dawn and dusk.

The northern lights were first observed in 1877 and are a seasonal phenomenon that is typically caused by a small asteroid or comet passing in front of Earth, then quickly fading as it passes in front again.

But scientists have observed auroras during this particular period of the year before, and the phenomenon has been dubbed a “holographic effect.”

They have also observed aurora flashes during the winter solstice in the northern hemisphere, and researchers have used computer models to determine the timing of the Northern Lights aurora, but those observations are usually made by scientists with telescopes.

Wile and his team will be using a combination of the Earth-observing satellite Sentinel-1, which provides data in the Northern Hemisphere, and a telescope to see the northern aurora at its brightest point at sunset.

Wiles said the aurora would appear in the morning, and that the best time to watch for the northern light would be at dawn or dusk.

“The northern glow will be the best and brightest light visible, but the brightest spot will be about a quarter-mile from the sun, at dusk,” Wiles said.

“We expect the auroras to be visible all night, but not all night.”

The aurora is the brightest visible part of the sky, so the best viewing time is when the northern glow reaches a certain magnitude, or intensity.

It will appear in some parts of the country, but it can be seen in the contiguous United States as far south as Georgia.

Wils said the northern glare would be more visible at night in winter, and would have a longer duration.

The brightest aurora in February 2018 was at magnitude 9.3, a light that was visible from southern California until the morning hours of March 7.

It is the same effect that occurs when a light shines through a pane of glass.

The sun shines through the glass, creating a brilliant red glow.

The same effect is seen when an asteroid strikes Earth, but astronomers have not yet seen a meteor impact.

Meteor impact occurs when the object that causes the impact impacts Earth, so meteor showers are also possible.

NASA has previously said it will release its annual forecasts on the winter sky during the next month.

Scientists say the Northern Light, or Northern Lights, aurora can be viewed at night by those who are looking for the Northern lights.

It’s expected to be brighter than the northern skies seen from Hawaii, which is in the southern hemisphere.

Wily said the best times to watch the northern glowing light would happen at dawn, and dusk, so it would appear at an angle to the sky.

He added that the auroral glow is visible from more than 50 countries in the continental United States, and in some areas, including New York City, Washington, D.C., and Florida, it is visible even in winter.

The Northern Lights are not visible in Hawaii, but scientists there have observed the Northern Flames and Northern Lights from Hawaii.

A total solar eclipse will be in place on January 21, 2019, and is expected to bring out the Northern Sky.

It is expected that the northern polar aurora light will be observed during the eclipse, and people looking for them will need to be prepared.

The winter solstices aurora lights can be visible at sunset, but that is when there will be no northern lights.

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