Fruit Salad Dressing Is Getting Its Own Nutrition Facts Label: USDA

The USDA has released its first comprehensive nutrition facts label for fresh fruit, which is being marketed as a healthful and delicious salad dressing that is made with fresh fruits and vegetables.

The label, which goes on sale July 19, includes a list of “nutrient and nutrient-dense foods” and a chart showing the daily value for each nutrient.

The USDA label also includes a section labeled “food ingredient list.”

The label contains two main categories: fruit salad dressing and salad dressing with fruit.

The labels also indicate that fruit salad is also “low glycemic” if it has a “neutral or lower” glycemic index (GI).

The labels are intended to help consumers make informed decisions about how much fruit salad they should eat.

Fresh fruit is made by adding fresh fruit to ice cream, cream, or frozen desserts, such as strawberries, bananas, and apples.

The USDA label notes that it’s “not a substitute for real fruit.”

Dressing can be made with any kind of fruit, including apricots, mangoes, plums, apricot, and cherries.

Dairy products can also be used to make fruit salad.

“Many of the ingredients that go into fruit salad are available in the grocery store,” said Sarah Stegall, the agency’s deputy commissioner for science.

“They’re in the fruit section and the grocery section.

So the labels will help consumers figure out if it’s a healthy food or not.”

It’s also important to know that the USDA label does not tell you how much protein the product contains.

The nutrition information is based on the amount of fat in a serving of the fruit salad and not on how much is in the dressing.

That’s because there’s no standard for measuring protein.

But if the nutrition information does indicate the protein content, it’s not included in the nutrition facts labels.

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