Are keto-friendly fruits good for you?

Keto-friendly fruit is a term that describes fruits and vegetables that are high in carbohydrate content, low in fat and contain little or no sugar.

It’s a diet friendly fruit because they’re made of low-carb, low-fat and high in fibre.

The best fruits and veggies are high on protein, which makes them a good source of energy for your body.

It also contains high amounts of vitamin B-12, potassium and fiber.

Here are 10 keto fruits and veg you might not know are high-protein, low fat and high fibre.


Keto apple: 100g of this low-glycemic fruit is ideal for diabetics with insulin resistance, but it’s also an excellent source of fiber.

It has more fibre than most other fruits, which can help prevent heart disease.


Kyo blueberry: This high-fiber, low glycemic fruit has a moderate sugar content and is ideal as a meal replacement for low-calorie foods.


Kymosweet: This super-nutritious low-gluten fruit is also low in calories, with just under 1 gram of sugar per 100g, making it ideal for those with low blood sugar.


Kegel fruit: A fruit that is high in vitamin B12, it’s high in fiber, contains lots of potassium and protein, and it’s a good choice for diabatic patients.


Kale: High in vitamins B, C, E and K, kale is a great source of protein, fiber and magnesium.


Kettle: A high-quality fruit that has a low glycaemic index and is low in carbohydrates, this is a good alternative to high-glycaemic fruit, as it’s low in sugar and high protein.


Kava: High-protein and high-carbohydrate, kava is high-nutrient-density fruit that provides a great dietary source of potassium, which is important for diabetic patients.


Kashi: This Japanese sweet potato is an excellent choice for those looking to add more protein and fiber to their diet.


Kombucha: This healthy drink contains lactose-free milk, and is also an ideal fruit for diapering.


Mango: This tropical fruit has very little carbohydrate and a high protein content.

It contains plenty of calcium, magnesium and vitamin B.

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