Devil fruit bowl to open on Thursday in downtown Portland

The Devil Fruit Bowl, a restaurant and food truck that is slated to open Thursday in the heart of downtown Portland, will feature three different fruit bowls.

One of the bowls will feature the fruits of the Devil Fruit Tree, which is an old-growth tree in the city’s Riverview neighborhood.

The second bowl will feature Devil Fruit Bread, a traditional Portland-style doughnut made with the Devil fruit, and a third bowl will showcase a local produce shop called Haru.

Haru is a family-owned business that specializes in local produce.

Owner and manager Tomahisa Hayashi said the Devil Bread was originally designed to be a dessert.

He hopes the Devil Cupcake and Devil Fruit Salad are the same dish.

He plans to add more flavors to the bowls as he prepares.

“It’s like making a pie,” he said.

“It’s something you can enjoy a little bit at the end.”

Hayashi said he’s been a longtime supporter of the city and the Oregon State Legislature.

He said he was inspired to create a food truck by visiting Oregon in the spring of 2019.

He has been in Portland for three years, working with his wife and two daughters.

He hopes the new restaurant will help bring more local businesses to the city.

“I just want to make sure that there are places for people to eat and enjoy things locally,” he added.

“I think this is a great way to do that.”

The bowl that Hayashi plans to open will be a three-course meal for $35.

Guests can choose from three different varieties of fruit and can add a dessert to their bowl for $10.

He also plans to serve salads and sides for $12.

Hayashi’s family has been a regular customer of the restaurant for years.

The family’s name is engraved on the bowl and he’s hoping people will get to know the owner’s family history.

The new restaurant is just one of many eateries that have been added to the Pearl District in the past few years.

In September, the city added three new restaurants in the Pearl and Downtown areas.

The Pearl District also will host the opening of an indoor beer garden on Wednesday.

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