Which of these new Apple products will you buy?

The latest Apple product to make its way to the UK is Blox Fruit Cups.

The fruit-shaped cups are part of a new Apple range that features the same design and ingredients as the previous Blox products, but the Blox fruit cups are being marketed as a new product category.

Blox Fruit Cup (left) and Apple Juice Pack (right) (Image: Blox)The Apple Fruit Cups come in two flavours, the Fruit Pack and the Apple Juice pack, both of which feature a blinged-out fruit design and a range of fruit-flavoured fruits.

The Fruit Pack comes in a range that includes mango, apricot, blackberry, strawberry, grapefruit, strawberry-apple, raspberry, and peach.

The Apple Juice is available in a variety of flavours including strawberry, peach, blueberry, and cherry.

Apple Juice Pack (top) and Fruit Pack (bottom) image source TalkSports article The Fruit Pack will be available in the UK in a 10-pack for £39.99.

The 12-pack will cost £99.99 and the 20-pack £129.99 while the Fruit Packs will be sold in supermarkets starting on September 6th.

The £29.99 Fruit Pack also comes in two colours, black and red, with the Apple’s Fruit Pack available in black, green and red.

Blox Fruit Cups (right) and Apple Juice Packs (bottom) (Image: Blendbox)Apple Juice packs are made with ingredients sourced from Blox.

These include the popular fruit-based liquid flavouring, but they also include some fruits like mango, peaches, apris, cherries, berries, cherubim, guava, papaya, and strawberries.

The Blox Banana (pictured left) and Blox Peach (above) products are available in Blox’s Fruit Packs as well.

Apple Fruit Cups are made from premium fruit, with ingredients like the banana, peach and peaches (pictured right) used in its manufacturing process.

Blox claims that it uses only organic ingredients, with no artificial colours or flavours, and it’s 100 per cent pure.

Blix is a subsidiary of Blox Foods and has been manufacturing and distributing fruit and juice products in the United Kingdom since 2013.

Bulk buying Apple Juice packs is also available for £14.99 (a 40 per cent discount from regular price).

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