The Secret Tricks for Scoring Free Spins in Coin Master

You might have heard the name Coin Master of late and might as well know the simple game filled with surprises. Apart from regular game play, the product offers scoring free spins plenty. As a player, you would love to multiply your winning fortunes in the form of scoring many such free spins by different means. However, these are some of the untold tricks that ensure better scoring of offers with minimal hassle. Let us look forward to the ways.

Connect to Facebook and Social Media Handles

Facebook offers players signed up with the game score 50 free spins and 100,000 coins for the first time around. The most significant advantage of using Facebook is to save progress without registering separately. Remember, as much as sign-ups come up, the more chances o earning 50 free spins are assured.

Join Various Facebook Groups of Coin Master

Coin Master Game’s soaring popularity has bought in the case of different Facebook groups having like minded people playing the game. The most significant advantage of such groups is one can trade cards as well as free spins with other gamers. This is a win-win situation for both the players, and it will help in promoting each other to higher levels as a result.

Watching AD’s Help

Ads are the moneymaking machines for any such free games to survive. However, watching them in the game’s main game screen comes for an exchange of free spin offers. This depends on the ad length, and sometimes, they are lengthy and time-consuming. However, this is more of a practical way of winning free spins than expecting your lesser-interested friends accepting your game requests.

Look out for Special Contests

Exclusive contests hosted by the Coin Master are a limited-opportunity yet a productive plan for scoring free spins. As a player, ensure to keep in touch with the Social Media handle or link of the game, to know more about prospective free spin offers.

Exchange Goodwill Coins for Free Spin Rewards

Coin Master game rewards players for sending 10,000 coins to their friends. Although 1 free spin is the reward for 10,000 coins, this is a small token of goodwill given by the developer.

In the end, scoring free spin offers is relatively easy if you follow these additional tricks. Although some tricks are time-consuming, they re-assure you for making the most of the free spin offers quickly.

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