Kiwi fruit is really sweet and juicy, but it’s also a bit hard to eat

Posted March 13, 2019 09:22:22 I’m a big fan of rambutan fruits, because they are a great source of calcium, potassium and fiber, but sometimes I miss out on some of the nutritional benefits.Rambutan (the fruit of the rambuta tree) is also known as a fruit of great nutritional value.It’s also an easy way to […]

When you order a starbucks dragon fruits, you’ll see it’s frozen

When you buy a frozen starbucks fruit, it’s not exactly a surprise.The company uses a similar method to order its fruit bars from other restaurants and bars.If you see a menu item labeled as frozen fruit or frozen vegetables, it may be because they’re not yet ready for consumption, but that doesn’t mean they’re going […]

‘High sugar’ fruit flies can be a warning for honeybees and honeybears

High sugar fruits and berries are among the items you may have inadvertently eaten that may cause fruit fly eggs to hatch.The new Australian Food Standards Agency (AFSA) advice on fruit fly egg health, published in June, states: “The majority of fruits and vegetables, and especially those that contain high sugar, may contain high levels […]

Why you should have a garden, not a garden party list

By Nick CrouchThe UK’s biggest fruit and vegetable growers are pushing back against growing a garden as an important part of their businesses.They want the Government to reverse its decision to allow farmers to grow fruit, vegetables and herbs on a commercial basis, arguing the move will be costly and will cause “economic havoc”.The Government […]

Walmart to recall thousands of frozen fruit trees

Walmart is recalling more than 15 million frozen fruit and vegetable products in the United States, and some frozen foods from Walmart stores in Texas, Michigan and Illinois, after a recall was found to contain toxic levels of lead.The Food and Drug Administration has confirmed that the recalled products are from Walmart’s Fruit of the […]

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