Fruits drawing: the world’s biggest fruit seller

The world’s largest fruit seller, the Japanese supermarket chain Wal-Mart, is coming out with a new fruit-based snack: the Fruit Drawing, a fruit-infused version of the fruit drink that’s popular in Asian markets.The fruit-flavored Fruit Drawing comes in three flavors: lemon, lime, and mango.It costs $9.99 for a 12-ounce serving, and you can also buy […]

Blue fruit sweeteners: ‘Monk fruit’ sweetener makes an incredible comeback

The fruit sweetening industry is a highly lucrative one, with the industry worth an estimated $3.2 trillion a year.The market has seen a sharp rise in the popularity of blue fruit sweetners, but it is not all smooth sailing.While blue fruit is considered a natural sweetener and not one of the many additives that are […]

How fruit pun puns are making us stupid

In the United States, fruit pun culture has exploded in recent years, particularly in college campuses and the Internet.In a nation where people are often confused by a variety of fruit punishments (think: “gimme that, now!”), it is a bit odd to see people posting fruit pun stories online, and especially to see one of […]

Why you should have a garden, not a garden party list

By Nick CrouchThe UK’s biggest fruit and vegetable growers are pushing back against growing a garden as an important part of their businesses.They want the Government to reverse its decision to allow farmers to grow fruit, vegetables and herbs on a commercial basis, arguing the move will be costly and will cause “economic havoc”.The Government […]

‘High sugar’ fruit flies can be a warning for honeybees and honeybears

High sugar fruits and berries are among the items you may have inadvertently eaten that may cause fruit fly eggs to hatch.The new Australian Food Standards Agency (AFSA) advice on fruit fly egg health, published in June, states: “The majority of fruits and vegetables, and especially those that contain high sugar, may contain high levels […]

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