5 Powerful Tips to Play Coin Master

Who would have thought that a game of building and ruling Viking villages on mobile phones would become a global phenomenon? The game has been around for quite some time, but the Android and IoS versions have suddenly shot up, giving the Coin Master immense fame.

If you want to play and win more from the Coin Master game, here are a few useful tips for you.

Be the Guest Player

Don’t sign up for the game using your Facebook account at first. Just play as a guest, and you’ll notice plenty of coins on offer using which you can buy armory, inventory, and build your village to a specific limit. However, you will reach a point where eventually, you’ll need to sign up using a Facebook account. By that time, you would have learned enough to progress. Also, as you sign up, you’ll get rewards, including 50 spins on the coin slot machine and even a million coins!

Be the Card Collector

On reaching level three, you get the option of three chests from where you collect cards. There are wooden chests, golden, and magical chests. You may even participate in active games to earn cards. Trading these cards for some rarer ones will give you more brownie points. Ensure you collect all types of cards possible and trade.

Join Facebook Groups

Once you join the Facebook groups, and you start playing daily through this account, you earn more. The groups offer free spins, daily free spins, cards, and coins, and many other such treats.

Play the Slot Machine

The coin slot machine is a hiatus of fun in the Coin Master game. You match three icons and get gifts in the form of upgrades or coins. Match three shields and earn one to protect your village. Don’t worry if you drain up all the spins in 24 hours. Log out for the day and signup again the next morning to find the spins full to the brim.

Don’t Take Week-Long Breaks

Especially when you are in the middle of the construction of a village, don’t even consider taking a break. Log in daily since the enemy villages might come and raid your village. It means you will end up losing the town you had so lovingly built.

These are vital tips to help you get better coins and win more coins and stars. The game plan is simple, and those with a creative bend of mind would find the construction works more refreshing too.

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